1924 General Election

Combined Scottish Universities

(3 seats)

Scottish Unionist hold / Henry Craik
Liberal hold / Dugald McCoig Cowan
Scottish Unionist hold / George Andreas Berry
This seat elected three MPs using the single transferrable vote system. Results shown use first preferences, and are in the order of those who stayed in the running longest. The constituency represented the Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and St Andrew's
Party Candidate Votes Percent Change
 Scottish UnionistCraik, Henry7,18840.8%N/A
 LiberalCowan, Dugald McCoig5,01128.4%N/A
 Scottish UnionistBerry, George Andreas3,78121.5%N/A
 LabourMunro, John Martin1,6399.3%N/A
Estimated Turnout5,87318.4%N/A
By-election held due to Craik's death
Party Candidate Votes Percent Change
 Scottish UnionistBuchan, John16,96387.7%N/A
 LabourGuthrie, Hugh2,37812.3%N/A
Note: These results are in comparison to the previous General Election
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